Founded in 1995 on Lombok island (eastern Indonesia, next to famous Bali island) GALERI NAO specializes in designing and producing high end furniture and interior accessories; the founders, Rahman Mulachela and Agnes Bok, have worked with renowned architects and interior designers and have supplied galleries, hotels, villas and corporate offices throughout the world.

Using the amazing various types of wood as well as some stones that can be found in Indonesia or recycling old objects, we create original designs melting a contemporary and minimalist style with an ethnic touch.


An emphasis on the beauty of natural elements with a commitment to high quality and a strong concern that our sourcing of wood supplies has minimal or no negative impact on the environment.

The primal reaction to the feel of wood, the texture of the grain or the smoothness of a perfectly polished surface, the organic shape: these are our sources of inspiration for designing pieces that will remind you of our connection to nature.


Wood is sourced from naturally fallen, well preserved trees as well as trees which must be cut down because of their location (too close to a building or a road) or is harvested from sustainable plantations.

We also utilize reclaimed materials from old furniture and demolished structures.

Sustainable practices are followed throughout our entire manufacturing process: cast-off wood from our larger pieces makes its way to smaller items and when nothing remains but chips and saw dust, it gets taken by local villagers to be used as combustible materials for cooking.


Located in a village on the west coast of Lombok, our showroom is by the side of the main road which leads to the main touristic resort of the island. A wide range of our collection is permanently exhibited here.

Our workshop is at a very short distance behind the showroom and employs skilled craftsmen who have been working with us for many years, some since the foundation. Each of our pieces is meticulously hand-crafted here under our thorough supervision.

The large space available in the workshop is also used to store all our wood and enables us to keep it for several years before turning it into a beautiful piece: thus the wood can dry naturally as long as it needs to.